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Essay Examples

Death of a Salesman

In 1949; whilst America saw the culmination of anti-communist feelings, fear of the unknown and the general hysteria which stemmed from the Cold War against Russia; playwright Arthur Miller published what was seen to be a personal criticism of the American way of life, his play, “Death of A Salesman”. Death of A Salesman tells… VIEW ESSAY

Job opportunities in performing arts

The below information is a rough guide based on the information from the jobs4you website. There are over 500,000 people that work in the creative and cultural skills area of work, there are over 62,000 creative businesses in the UK, and 94% of the businesses only employ 10 people a year, so being an arts… VIEW ESSAY

Nature of emotions

Compare The Two of Us by Armitage and Havisham by Duffy, paying particular attention to how thoughts and feelings are presented. The two poems by Armitage and Duffy focus specifically on the destructive nature of emotions. The Two of Us focuses on the superficiality of possession whilst Havisham considers the deception of relationships. This brings… VIEW ESSAY

Poet’s childhood

“In Mrs. Tilscher’s Class” by Carol Ann Duffy deals with one central theme. The theme of growing up is the main idea within the poem and is repeatedly imprinted throughout the poet’s childhood. This theme leads on to the more abstract idea of the child already maturing into a great poet. Her mind’s eye is… VIEW ESSAY

A theatrical piece of genius

A theatrical piece of genius. Scaramouche Jones was a cleverly thought out play. It was a bout a man who had not got much, he pursued a career as a clown and found where he belonged. The piece takes you through the whole of his life, his childhood, his teenage years and his adulthood. The… VIEW ESSAY

Proposed system

When looking at the current system many problems have emerged and it is now clear a new more efficient system is required. With the proposed system I aiming to eliminate a lot of paperwork and have most paper based forms available on the proposed database. Expired or incorrect data is a key issue in the… VIEW ESSAY

Olivier Panis

In der film ‘Der Promise’ gibt es viele eregnisse wie kommt zwischen Sophie un Konrad, zum biespiel. An der anfang das film, konrad zi?? gert wann Sophie und ihre freunde geht in der Abwasserkanal. Konrad war der eignisse leute wie geht nicht in der Abwasserkanal und war bei der Deutchse Armee ertappt. Das war nur… VIEW ESSAY

The General Strike 1926

The origins of the general strike can be traced back as far as the demobilisation of British troops following the end of the Great War. For some years the nation was prosperous as women handed their jobs back to the men who returned. Britain sought to repair replace and build anew things which had been… VIEW ESSAY

Hellfire and bloody damnation

The Crucible is largely concerned with the abuse and misuse of power in Salem. Discuss this with references to any three characters. In this essay I intend to explore the abuse and misuse of power in Salem with references to three characters. The three characters that I will refer to are Reverend Parris, Thomas Putnam… VIEW ESSAY

Illustrations of the text

“An impressive opening, a marvellous ending, an indifferent middle”. Does this twentieth century comment represent to you a fair summary of Dr. Faustus? Support your views by detailed illustrations of the text. The narrative patterns of Dr. Faustus can be said to take on a loose, three-part structure, in which the first part involves the… VIEW ESSAY

Practical Assessment Of Rugby

As a forward playing rugby union it is essential for me to accomplish these five key skills. Handling is one of the most fundamental skills which rugby revolves around because bad handling can cost a team the game. A top rugby player should be able to pass the ball nearly inch perfectly so that his… VIEW ESSAY

The inverse square law

The inverse square law would mean that we should get a graph (predicted) as shown below. [Graph of y = 1/x2] What this means in scientific terms is that photons (‘small packets’ of light energy) usually hit a solar cell and sometimes dislodge electrons from the semiconductor, into motion inducing a small current. As the… VIEW ESSAY

Birthday Letters

In the three texts the characters that are presented as ‘new women’ are also presented with a downfall, those who are presented as traditional women are seen to survive and do well. Within the three texts, Dracula, A Street Car Named Desire and Birthday Letters, the authors present the female characters within certain ways which… VIEW ESSAY

The Green Eyed Monster

When studying a new language, the curriculum involves more than just reading a textbook and listening to your instructor – you must hear yourself speak, feel the sound as your mouth struggles to create it, at the same time programming your brain to associate a meaning for it. Only when you hear the pronunciation and… VIEW ESSAY

Shakespeares tragedy

Two texts that portray food to lack comfort and nourishment are Text 21 – The extract “Act V Scene II and Act V Scene III”, from one of William Shakespeare’s earliest tragedy’s from 1590 “Titus Andronicus”, and text 22 – An extract from the beginning of “The Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift published in 1729…. VIEW ESSAY

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